Article from out of the sunday times, a customer of ours decided to cut it out of the paper and share it with us..

Q I had a woodburning stove fitted last Christmas, but have just heard that woodburners need to meet new environmental standards. Does this mean that my stove isn’t fit for purpose — and is it going to be harmful for me and for the environment?
CD, York

A First, it is important to note that clean-burning stoves aren’t harmful to your health or the environment. In fact, they are playing an important part in reducing household emissions. Such stoves account for a really small fraction of emissions in the UK, and they provide an environmentally friendly heat source — particularly when compared with traditional open fires, which produce significantly more carbon emissions.

You say you had your stove fitted last Christmas, and our advice to customers is that they should be replaced every 10 years meaning that yours is most definitely still fit for purpose.

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