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Not only do we do Woodburning and Multifuel Stove installations, Gas Fire & Fireplace Installations, Chimney Sweeping. TDC Fires also do Chimney Lining. Chimney Lining not only makes your stove more efficient, it makes your chimney a lot safer. Over the years corrosion takes place inside your chimney and all the mortar joints start to wear away bit by bit between the brick work of your chimney. There have been many cases over the years where I have been called out to properties where DIY jobs have taken place and a builder or homeowner has not installed a liner. Not only can this be dangerous to yourself it could also be dangerous to the properties around you. Carbon Monoxide can escape between the corroded joints in the chimney stack, causing the chimney to fail. This is where professional Hetas registered installers like myself come in, not only can we fit your stove to current building regulations we also do chimney lining.

If you are not willing to use a chimney liner or you simply cannot afford one, there are test’s we can do to check to see if your chimney is sound to use providing the manufactures instructions states the stove can be fitted without a liner, personally i only like to put wood or multi fuel stove’s straight into a chimney when clay liners are present. In order to find out whether or not your chimney is clay lined we would have to remove the old, existing fire or fireplace and simply take a torch and look up inside the chimney. If no clay liners are present i seriously don’t recommended to have a stove installed without a liner.

TDC Fire’s does not and will not fit any sort of chimney Lining products that have come from eBay or anywhere off the internet. We only use British made products that come from a locally sourced company.

The Chimney liner we use is a high performance twin-walled flexible flue liner, designed and approved for use with all fuels including gas, oil and solid fuels.The standard product is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel and is supplied with a ten year conditional warranty. A superior 904L grade stainless steel option is also available, comes standard with a twenty year conditional warranty. The liners we use are manufactured and approved to BS EN1856-2 & BS EN1443.They are also approved by HETAS, the official body recognised by the Government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic heating appliances. The lining is designed to with stand temperatures of 600c for a very long time, most solid fuel appliances reach a maximum of 300c.

Alot of chimney liners you see on the internet quote “they are Hetas approved” but Hetas has never even seen the liner. so if you would like us to come and give you a quote, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail anytime.



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