Hot spot flue free chimney cleaner, we’ve had a couple of good results from this product recently. i was unaware there was a product like this on the market i knew about chimney cleaning logs but after i read a few reviews i wasn’t so sure on recommending them. Recently i came across a chimney that was pretty thick of tar from miss use. a new lady had brought this property and she asked us to pop along to check her chimney out… for some reason one problem seemed to lead into another problem anyway i swept her chimney and on bringing the flue brushes back out i found deposits of tar on my brush so i took a look up and noticed there had been tar dripping down the side wall of the chimney. Now normally in this case i question the owner on how they have been burning the wood, ask questions to see if the wood was seasoned.. on this case i couldn’t so i had to do my own research and up popped the hot spot flue free cleaner, i was a little apprehensive at first but it only cost around £12 which i though was a bargain.. so i purchased it for my customer asked her to put 2 scoops onto a low fire twice a week which she did, so after a couple of months i went back to check & low and behold most of the tar had burnt away. there was still parts of tar lingering around but it wasn’t half as bad as it was befor and it was a lot easier to sweep the second time around with a lot better results.. according the back of the tub how the product works is by flue free rising into the chimney on the flue gases. on contact the flue free product reacts with the acid in the tar and creosote deposits and fluidises them. absorbents in the flue free then soak up these fluids, producing a shriveling/drying action the bonding of the creosote to the chimney, eventually making it fall off.. Personally i will be recommending this to a lot of my customers and i will ask them to try and use it a few weeks prior to me going round to sweep there flue’s.