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Chimney Sweep

Anything from open fires to wood burning stoves…

Over the years we have swept hundreds of chimneys in and around Stourbridge, West Midlands. We sweep anything from open fires to wood burning stoves to multi fuel stoves.

We are part of the institution of chimney sweeps (ICS) who are a trade association company for chimney sweeps, who is run by a group of chimney sweepers.

A lot of people these days do forget that their chimney, flue liner needs sweeping. A clean chimney is essential to the on going performance of your appliance and safe operation. We recommend your stove or open fire gets a good sweep at least once a year by a professional certified chimney sweeper. If your appliance has been heavily used or used as a main source of heating we recommend you get your chimney swept at least twice a year up to four times a year.

We are also HETAS registered, so at the same time as sweeping your chimney, we can also give your stove a service.

Please feel free to contact us below or call us anytime for a chimney sweep booking.

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Eliminate the build-up of soot, tar & creosote.

By sweeping your chimney at least once or twice a year it will eliminate the build-up of any soot, tar & creosote. Soot, tar & creosote are one of the major causes of chimney fires, which cause’s damage to your chimney. Cracks and holes will form inside your chimney allowing hazardous fumes and gases to escape. This will reduce the chimneys extraction capabilities and potentially allow the gases and fumes to enter your property. REMEMBER carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Sweeping your chimney allows a safe passage for fumes to be extracted, even if your chimney has been out of action for a while, birds nests or even cobwebs could build up and stop your chimney from operating correctly.

The official body recognized by the Government, HETAS, also recommend that your chimney undergoes yearly inspections to ensure that the chimney is kept in a safe working condition. Failure to do so could result in allowing hazardous gases and fumes to enter your home. This is why we urge you to get your chimney checked out by a professional, competent chimney sweeper. It will also keep any warranty cover or home insurance valid.

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 Best Time to Sweep Your Chimney

It is always better to have your chimney swept towards the end of the summer so it is ready for when the cold weather arrives. If you haven’t used the fire over the summer months please ensure you give us a call before turning it on, failure to do so may result in chimney failure.

If you are thinking of having a stove installed, it is mandatory to have your chimney swept first, The importance of this is to clear any loose soot or debris from the chimney, ensuring the chimney liner will have a safe,clear passage through your chimney. If you are thinking about having a liner installed or your having a liner installed and you haven’t been advised on this, please, still don’t hesitate to call us for a chimney sweep booking.

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Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:






Nausea and/or vomiting


Dizziness or Collapse


Chest and/or stomach pains


Erratic behaviour and/or Visual problems

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