Stove Recommendations.

Underneath is a recommended list of woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves we like to fit, i have uploaded this list purely as guide to help you make your decision on choosing the right stove for yourself. I have made this list from my own knowledge and experience in working with and around these stoves and from what i know they are some of the best products on the market.

Charlton & Jenrick established in 1986, are a well established company with six leading brands covering a wide range of aspects in the fireplace industry. They are Paragon, Katell, Matchless, Fireline, Purevision & Infinity Fires. We highly recommend Charlton & Jenrick Wireline stoves. They are an affordable stove company with excellent controls, and even come with an extended five year warranty. Over the last couple of years I haven’t heard one customer complain about one. We always recommend regular maintenance on all woodburning and multifuel stoves and when a customer calls me up to sweep one of the fireline products it is an absolute delight to work on one. Nothing is over complicated with these products, they are a very simple and effective design, which is all you need. Fireline also do an fxw range and the “w” stands for wide, which is a bigger viewing window so you can see the flame picture a lot better which is a great selling point. All in all fireline is a good stove.

Pure vision is like their sister company, who also specialise in woodburning and multifuel stove. As far as I am aware, I think there are around 6 products in their range all for different looks and tastes. Underneath I have attached their brochures for quick and easy viewing. Please contact me if you would like to know anymore about these products.


Fireline Wood & Multifuel Stove Brochure
Purevision Brochure

What Stove Review




Chesney stoves and fireplaces are a more luxurious stove company with a really nice modern look about them. Chesney are not for the faint hearted though, they do come with quite a price tag. Over all though they are a really nice stove with good control’s controlling the way they burn wood. They have only got the one control knob at the base of the stove which makes it quick and easy to burn fuel, where as other brands have at least two to three controls. I’ve always had abit of a soft spot for chesney stoves, they always seem to suit every property I have installed one in. The “clean burn” technology and the “air wash” system is probably one of the best I have seen around. They reduce emissions, which is great for the environment, and they are exceptionally efficient, which is great for those cold winter nights. A lot of shops who specialise in Chesney stoves say they are the best on the market but I beg to differ. They are good but not one of the best, they have been known to have their problems along the way like a lot of stoves on the market but don’t let that put you off. They are a well built stove and they are well thought about when it comes to the design and technology. I would certainly recommend a Chesney woodburning or multi fuel stove. For more information please feel free to contact me.

Chesney Brochure. 

Chesney Fireplace Brochure.

Chesney Website.


Firefox stoves are part of the gallery collection made by Percy Doughty, established over 60 years ago. They are a good affordable stove with a good heat output and a slick design. They are a steel cast which heats up quick but they don’t hold the heat as long as a cast iron stove would. Over the years I have fitted tons of these stoves into properties and no one has ever complained to me that they have been too cold. As far as it goes for fuel burning technology there isn’t anything too technical inside, the controls are pretty decent which is all you need from a standard wood or multi-fuel burning stove. Percy Doughty make their stoves defra approved which helps in smoke control areas, so there’s no need to worry about that. On the whole not a bad stove, I like them and a lot of installers do aswell so don’t be afraid to purchase one.

Percy Doughty Broucher.

Stovax & Gazco based in exeter, its where i did my Hetas training so i was trained by the best so they say. They established in 1981 to design, manufacture and distribute wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fireside accessories. Today i would say they are probably one of the biggest companies out. There products are everywhere and littered all over the internet so it makes it hard for the fireplace shops to make a living out of them. On the hole they do make nice Woodburning & Multifuel stoves, iv even got a Stovax Stockton 5 at home which heats our room up nicely. The air controls have improved greatly over the years and the design of the stoves have come on leaps and bounds. i would always recommend these stoves as a good starting point for the inexperienced, you won’t go wrong with one and they do last a long time with hardly any faults.

Stovax Brochure.

Stovax Riva Brochure.

Stovax & Gazco Website.

Contura stoves in my opinion are one of the best stoves, i love there modern design and technology they put into there woodburning stoves, they are so efficient when it comes to burning wood they are a absolute delight to sweep every year, i have never had a problem with one of there products and customers can’t talk enough about contura products, they do come with quite a hefty price tag though, but they are worth every penny. I have also known a small 5kw inset contura stove heat a hole house up so that goes without saying they are a awsome stove. The build of the stove is second to none they use top quality cast which holds the heat for longer and a result for the quality and cast they use i can only just about pick one up. if you would like to know more about this product please feel free to contact me.


Contura Website.

Contura Brouchers. 

Contura YouTube Channel.

Adore stoves is a danish product, they are like a thing of beauty. They mainly concentrate on making tub stoves like the ones people put in there conservatories or kitchens but they do – do a small range of stoves that will fit inside your chimney opening. I have only had the privilege to fit two or three of these stoves in past but i have never forgot about them. The air wash system in the stove is phenomenal, they circulate the air like a washing machine so all the wood will burn nice and efficiently. A lot of people i have spoken to say the danish do it best but that is debatable and adore do like to quote its like having a bonfire in your living room. Please enjoy this product it will last you and serve you well for a very long time.


Aduro Website.

Aduro Broucher.

Aduro YouTube.




Clearview stoves established in 1987 with woodburning at their heart. The name Clearview kind of gives it away, they keep the glass perfectly clear if you burn good well seasoned wood.  Clearview stoves have got a huge range of stoves to choose from, you can even choose which colour you would like your stove in to match your decor. Clearview stoves burn the wood so efficiently it’s untrue. I met a guy last year who had one of these stoves fitted 5 years prior to when I met him and he had never had his chimney swept. He asked me if I could clean his stove out for him and low and behold i only got a hand full of soot out of his chimney.

Clearview Website. 

Clearview Stove Range.

Clearview YouTube.



Aga Stoves established over 80 years, most of us will know aga from their range cookers but now they have branched out to all manner of heating sources, Aga do make good stoves and they employ all the latest technology with good solid cast’s. They range from tub stoves, to inset stoves, to the more modern freestanding stoves, there choice is huge. i like aga alot but sometimes there quality control is a little off or should i say none existent. They burn fuel really well and the efficiency is good. There is better stoves on the market in my opinion but you will not go wrong with a aga so don’t let this put you off from purchasing one. I can imagine it is hard for shops to sell these products as the internet is saturated in them so there is some very competitive prices out there if you do your research.


Aga Website.

Aga YouTube. 




Varde Ovne is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers, I have fitted quite a few of the Varde Ovne products over the years and not had a problem with any of them. They employ all the latest and modern technology which makes burning of wood a dream. The controls are so simple with just one lever to adjust the flame picture, it will help the most novice of people out. With lots of different choices from stoves you can’t go wrong with the Varde Ovne, they even make stoves to as little as 4kw.


Varde Ovne Website.

Varde Ovne Broucher.

Varde Ovne YouTube.






A J Wells & Sons Ltd, manufacturers of Charnwood Stoves. Charnwood Stoves was founded in 1972 and is a privately owned, family controlled, British company. They do make exceptionally good stoves, they have even manage to create there own super slick design which manages to suit every room. I can spot a Charnwood stove from a mile away that is how well they have managed to design there stoves. They now come with a ten year guarentee which proves to me that its how much they trust there products. Not only that, they have managed to pack in all the latest technology which makes burning of wood more efficient and reducing the emissions which is good for the environment. All in all an absolute outstanding fire. If you would like to know anymore please feel free to contact me.

Charnwood Website.

Charnwood Broucher.

Charnwood YouTube.