Condor 3-16 Wood Saver Magnetic Stove Thermometer £20


A stove thermometer is an indispensable tool for monitoring the heat produced of your stove, it must be located in or around the center of the flue pipe which is visible to your eye, to give you the best reading of your flue temperature. Some are magnetic so it just magnetizes itself to the flue pipe which makes it simple to install, Heat conducts through the magnetic ring and pass through to the temperature gauge displaying the optimum working temperature. A lot of people tend to screw the stove thermometers to the stove pipe because they say it gives a more accurate reading. Even if you are a beginner or an expert on wood burning stoves these thermometers are priceless, we do always recommend to still view your stove so you get to know how the fire is burning inside the fire box. Over a period of time you will visually see how your fire is burning and you will learn when to turn the air controls up or down.


Attaches magnetically optional screw available.

Keeps your stove within best operating temperature for maximum efficiency and longer fires

Avoid any fire hazards from creosote & under firing you’re stove.

Save reloading more often.

Extend your stoves life by avoiding overheating which can cause damage to the cast of your stove and the components inside.

Less time chimney sweeping.

Conserve natural resources.

Made in the USA.


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