Stove Door Rope Seal Variety of Lengths With 30ml Adhesive


Prices Vary From £5 Upwards Depending On Length and Diameter.

Inspecting the door seal on a regular basis is a MUST. Some manufacturers recommend that the seal is replaced every 12 months to keep any warranty valid.

To check whether the door seal is in good working condition, make sure there isn’t any frayed edges or pieces of rope coming away from the stove door. When the door is pulled too, it can be checked by using a piece of toilet tissue or wafer thin paper. We often hover a piece of paper around the stove door to see if it gets sucked towards the body of the stove. I also have smoke match pens on my van, i often do a simple test around the door to see if the smoke gets draw through the door seal. You can often see the smoke being drawn into the body of the stove and up towards the chimney. We always do these tests when the stove is unlit and we shut all other air supplies off on the stove. If you’re not able to do this we recommend you giving us a call to see if we can come and inspect the door seal for you.

Replacing door seals really depends on how much the stove is used, there isn’t a life span on the fire rope at all. If the stove is used frequently we do advise you to inspect or change the door seal on a regular basis. You also need to make sure the rope seal is sealing correctly to the body of the stove so fumes are extracted safely through the flue and they are not coming back into the property. It also ensures the efficiency of the stove by controlling where the air is allowed to vent through into the stove. Air should not vent through any gaps between the stove door. It will over ride any primary vents on the stove making the stove less efficient and uneconomical.

Most door seals generally fall off over a period of time, this is usually caused by over firing an appliance. The glue which holds the fire rope dries up and starts to drop off. You will usually see a groove or a channel where your old fire rope used to sit, this is where we pour a solution called stove adhesive in, which is a high temperature solution which holds the fire rope back. High temperature silicone’s can also be used.


Choosing the correct door seal could be a hard task. There are thousands of stoves on the market these days, one of the best ways to ensure you choose the right replacement door seal is if you are fortunate enough to have the User Manual. The user manual will give every bit of information you need to know about the stove you have, even the diameter of the door seal you need. If you don’t have the manual to hand and you’re unsure of the Make & Model of you’re stove you should have a badge called a data badge located on your appliance. You can often find these badges at the rear of the stove or on the underside belly of the stove. These badges should give you the Make and Model of the stove you have. Quite often you will need a mirror and a torch to be able to see the badge on the rear of the stove.

If you are still unsure you could email us a picture of your stove and we will see if we can identify it for you Or you could cut a section off your old fire rope (We recommend you cut the best section off) about 4” long 100mm & drop it into the post box to us, along with the following information.

  1. The make and model of your stove.
  2. Your full name and address.


If you require any further assistance please feel free to call us.


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