Chimney Cowls.

Chimney cowls or bird guard rain guards arn’t really that well thought about, its not until one afternoon your sitting there with a nice cup of tea in hand and all of a sudden you hear something falling down the chimney or when you get back from work you hear a bird flapping at the back of the firebox. A lot of people don’t really think its anything and leave it until i go and service the fire a few months late, but it needs to dealt with asap. i always recommend if you have heard something fall down your chimney or if you know there is a bird in your chimney you should always call a professional out asap. Sometimes if something has fallen down it may have got stuck half way up your chimney stack and it will need removing by a professional chimney sweeper. By having a bird fall down your chimney this leaves a huge mess in your living room & potentially block your chimney up, if the bird is left in there, it will also start to rot and decay which in return could leave a nasty odor. This is why it is so important to have a chimney guard on, not only does it stop birds,animals,insects from entering your chimney it also stops rain and damp from forming inside your chimney. Please give us a call if you are interested in having a chimney cowl-bird guard-rain guard installed.

Bird Guard Rain Guard Enquiries

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