FireHawk CoB7 Carbon Monoxide Detector 7 Year Battery Life

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Carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted in a room where a wood burning appliance is sited. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless gas that can cause life threatening effects. Carbon monoxide is caused by incomplete combustion, incomplete combustion occurs when there is inadequate air supply and the stove is lacking of oxygen. If the carbon monoxide escapes into your property it can cause devastating effects. A carbon monoxide detector provides an early warning of carbon monoxide presence in your home through an alarm or LED display.


Install A Carbon Monoxide Alarm TODAY.


Sealed-in Lifetime Lithium Battery

 7 Year Sensor. Top quality Figaro electro-chemical sensor ensures accuracy and longevity

Automatic Sensor Test

End of Life Indicator. 3 short beeps every minute indicate end of sensor life

LCD Display. (CO7BD only) showing CO concentration in Parts Per Million (ppm)

Auto Switch Mounting Plate. Power automatically switched on when the alarm is attached to its mounting plate and off when removed.

Versatile Mounting System allows the alarm to be fixed to a surface or to be used free-standing making it ideal for holidays

CO Alarm Silence Button ideal in non-emergency situations (nuisance alarms)

Silence Low Battery Warning for up to 10 hours. Maintains continuous protection during sleeping hours

Led indicators for power, alarm and fault

Sealed in Lifetime Lithium battery power supply

Size: 100mm high, 65mm wide and 30mm deep


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